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Liverpool vs Roma Betting Tips 24.04.2018


Liverpool vs Roma Soccer Prediction Today

Yes, what can one say? There were probably quite a few of us who believed after quarter final draw that we would have Roma against Liverpool in this semifinal (although I flagged early for Liverpool).
A perfect accomplishment of Roma in the double meeting with Barcelona where, over two meetings, you are quite fair in a sensational semifinal for the first time in the club’s history.
In advance, this meeting feels completely open, the odds point to Liverpool – we Swedes who follow PL right Slavic are also in favor of saying this was a dream draw for Pool.
Clearly, you’d preferred Roma instead of Real Madrid or Bayern – but I think this team can fit Liverpool right badly.
Roma has set it for other English teams earlier this season (although Chelsea has not praised the market).
But to say the outcome of the double meeting, or for that part of this first meeting, I save myself.
On the other hand, I think we get good value on the corner market in this match.
Usually, I usually take care of the corner games in the first match of the double meeting – but I think there is a lot to say that we can see at least 10 corner corners at Anfield.
Liverpool is a strong corner team, a cut in the league of 6.09 created per match. The number will be 7 if you are looking at what you are performing at Anfield.
In the Champions League the average is 5.6, which may be considered high considering the level increase. It should also be taken into account that the meeting with City dropped the cut incredibly – given how they played out (3-0 after 30 ‘in the first meeting), it had a big negative effect on the audit.
Two corners were created over two meetings. So a nice cut even in CL.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Liverpool vs Roma

Roma, like many other Italian top teams, is a fantastic corner team.
Man made 6 corners at home against Barcelona and 7th away at Camp Nou. Undeniably strong numbers.
The team is also coming to completion quite often, Liverpool is second best team in CL (after Real Madrid) and Roma is in fourth place (after Bayern).

Prediction Today: 10.0 corners

Odds: 1.80

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