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Bayern Mûnchen vs Real Madrid Betting Tips 25.04.2018


Bayern Mûnchen vs Real Madrid Soccer Prediction Today

Two different worlds for these teams when it was time for a return meeting in the quarterfinals.
Bayern controlled a dull home match against Sevilla in a match that ended 0-0.
Real Madrid got it all the sweatier …
0-3 against Juventus, all the changes made and on an extension – when Michael Oliver judges a highly disputed (!) Penalty like Ronaldo (who else?) Small in the cross.
What relief for Zinedine Zidane I find it hard to see would survive the excitement at home.
Could it also be one of the most difficult punishments we have seen in this scene for a while? It has been a couple of weeks and is still being discussed, many think it’s sunny and certain it’s nonexistent. Undoubtedly a difficult decision for Oliver in the fight is hot (although Atkinson seems to have taken his role as a criminal justice judge). I lean more that it was not a punishment, but extremely difficult as said.
But now we are here with a giant meeting in the semifinals. In addition, the team that moves forward will face Roma or Liverpool in a final – which is a lighter draw than it usually is at the final stage of the tournament.
I think this matchup is extremely difficult-tapped. I’m looking forward to Real Madrid, based on the high level you’ll see when it’s needed. When you play, there is no team that has the same level.
At the same time, the amazing Jupp Heynckes is back in Bavaria and it would not surprise me if he goes to win CL again, and then retire.
I’m targeting a Bayern game here in the first meeting and even in the first half.
Bayern has since since Jupp’s entry played a fantastic fine football again, one has such extreme quality in every position and Heynckes seems to keep the players constantly oxygenated. You have won and won, slaughtered ex-team teams on the way and settled the German league in record time.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Bayern Mûnchen vs Real Madrid

You have scored 36 goals in the last 10 games, or 36 goals in the last 9, if you count on the Sevilla match.
One perfectly bombed in goal and has completely traced Dortmund, Leverkusen and Mönchengladbach with 6-0,6-2 and 5-1 just the last 3 weeks.
At home you are extra strong of course, and in the last 20 matches scored goals in the first half 17 (!) Times. Without looking up all teams in the big leagues, I dare say that there is no team that has the corresponding statistics.
Real Madrid raises when it goes well, but at the same time you have had some problems this season. Not least in the defensive.
36 goals scored in the 33-league league are not worth a CL champion. To compare with something, Getafe has been released 31.
In CL there has also been a problem with defensive (Hi Juventus), and has an average of 1.2 goals opposed.
Bayern Mûnchen, who wants to get full speed from the start (as usual) I think I’ll definitely get Real on the first 45 minutes.
Something you also succeeded in this meeting last year.

Prediction Today: Bayern to score in the first half

Odds: 1.72

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