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Jönköpings Södra vs Eskilstuna Betting Tips 04.06.2018


Jönköpings Södra vs Eskilstuna Soccer Prediction Today

Both Jönköping Södra and Eskilstuna played Allsvensk football last year, and when the Superettan season is now in its eleventh round it is very clear which team was better. Eskilstuna has impressed a lot at the start of the season, and is currently in third place in the table. Jönköping South is the first to reach the eleventh place – already ten points behind the league!
Now, as we know, only ten rounds have been played, and of course there is room for changes in the table situation in the future. However, we are impressed by this year’s edition of Eskilstuna – which has not been adversely affected by the Allsvenskan exodus. Instead, they have achieved their goals, they will return to Allsvenskan – already this year!
Eskilstuna comes from a nice victory over Norrby, when the final result was finally written to 4-0. It was their second 4-0 victory this season, and it says quite a bit about Monday’s elimination – when resistance is weaker, they are basically superior. They also beat Degerfors with 3-0, and we also remember the meeting against Helsingborg – which Eskilstuna won by 2-0 on the away side.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Jönköpings Södra vs Eskilstuna

In other words, there are a number of results that already stand out, and then we are only in the tenth round. The match against Jönköping Södra is clearly a tough task, but Eskilstuna has provenly more quality in its squad and is also in a good period.
Eskilstuna is still undefeated since the second half, and the loss against Falkenberg is still their only loss. No direct bad luck, but Eskilstuna is undoubtedly a top candidate to advance to Allsvenskan this year.
At the same time, Jönköping Södra has only been recorded for three wins on ten played matches. Another highlight is the fact that the victories have come to Gefle, IK Frej and Norrby – all teams are found in the bottom of the table half, Gefle and Frej are found below the relegation line. This says, after all, much about Jönköping’s season so far, and therefore we consider Eskilstuna to have good chances to be noted for another victory on Monday.
An Eskilstuna victory pays 3,30 times the money, while Jönköping stands at 2.25x – and it is undeniably interesting. Therefore, according to us, the game value of the away team in this meeting is clear. Eskilstuna has nevertheless won three out of four away matches this season. At the same time, Jönköping has only been noted for a victory in five tries, at the home ground.

Prediction Today: 2 dnb

Odds: 2.10


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