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France vs Argentina World Cup 30.07.2018


France vs Argentina Today’s Soccer Prediction

France and Argentina meet Saturday 16:00 in the first final game of the World Cup 2018. It would be easy to say in advance that France is a clear favorite and will move on to the quarterfinals without major problems. Looking at Argentina’s game, it’s not unbelievable that it will be. But now it’s World Cup, it’s a playoff and it’s Argentina; Nothing is clear.
France has perhaps the championship’s best squad with top players in every single position. There is unusual width in the squad and a good mix of game types. There is mobility, strength and finesse. This in spite of, France has not played particularly convincingly. Against Australia, they are in a hurry, so even against Peru. One might think France is back in front of the playoffs, but can you really do that?

Soccer Prediction of the Day France vs Argentina

Argentina, in turn, has looked like a filling party. No organization, try to play through Messi despite being marked by three players and goalkeeper missions. This in combination with a whistling Sampaoli, which has been completely declared. Well, Argentina did not deserve to go to the playoffs but now they are there. France is the better team, but you can never figure out a team like Argentina. The excellence is in the squad and I feel that Argentina has been able to breathe out after the advancement of the group game.
That said, France are favorites to win this match, but not as great as the odds seem to believe. Now it’s the playoffs, and with the quality still in the Argentine team, they can not be counted on them.

Prediction Today: Argentina wins

Odds: 3.70

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