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Real Salt Lake City vs Sporting Kansas City Betting Tips 05.07.2018


Real Salt Lake City vs Sporting Kansas City Today’s Soccer Prediction

Real Salt Lake City – Sporting Kansas City – Both teams play at the West Conference, but much better is Kansas holding the lead and having nine points more than Salt Lake, which is currently in fifth place and scored four games without a triumph Kansas after a long time defeated in the last round.

Real Salt Lake City

Salt Lake is in a crisis of results, but since the beginning of the season this team has two faces, and it is more successful on the domestic pitch where they lost only one, with one rhombus and six wins, while on the wins they win and win, with seven defeat. So, they are a classic host team and that’s good news ahead of this game where they want to break down a series of three victorious victories, or four if we count on the Cup, which was overtaken by Kansas on the domestic pitch with 2: 0 .
It is also interesting that the only defeat on the domestic pitch was still in the second round with a 5: 1 result from Los Angeles. After the strike with San Jose in the pre-season, they were defeated at Columbus on Sunday with 2: 1 and both goals were received by the middle of the first half, and later only reduced the defeat. In that match, Baird finished on the bench and Sunny jumped. Even eight players are on the list of injured and that’s a big problem.
Trusted Beginner Salt Lake: Rimando – Lennon, Silva, Glad, Acosta – Beckerman, Sunny – Savarino, Rus, Saucedo – Krellach

Sporting Kansas City

Kansas has great ambitions this season after winning the trophy in the Cup. And this season they are successful in the Cup and will play in the quarterfinals against Houston after eliminating Salt Lake and Dallas. They are also excellent in the championship, as the leaders of the Western Conference, however, have played two games more than the second-placed Dallas but also Los Angeles, who have just one point less.
Kansas has lost only three matches so far and each time they have remained unbalanced, and it is interesting that they were defeated in the first round, after which they tied seven unbeaten matches. They were then beaten by New England after which they again tied seven unbeaten matches until Sunday’s defeat at Montreal with 2: 0. Prior to this defeat they came in a great way against Houston triumph, from which they lost 2: 0 and in the last half hour they scored three goals to win. There was no Smith stop in Montreal, so Besler played, and now we do not expect any change.
Confident beginner composition of Kansas: Melia – Zusi, Opara, Besler, Lindsey – Sanchez, Espinoza, Croizet – Russell, Gerso, Salloi

Soccer Prediction of the Day Real Salt Lake City vs Sporting Kansas City

Salt Lake has been mediocre overall, but in their field they are very good and hard to lose, so we now expect to be well-opposed to the guests, who are objectively superior and we expect them to score some goals in this match.

Prediction Today: Both teams score a goal
Odds: 1.65

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