August 3, 2018 at 12:14 pm

Hamburg vs Holstein Kiel Betting Predictions


Since the Bundesliga’s introduction in 1963, Hamburg has always played in the high talent. Not this season though – this year is the focus on the Zweite Bundesliga!

Hamburg vs Holstein Kiel Soccer Predictions

There are many who have only expected Hamburg to go out of the highest league, given the way it has been seen in recent seasons. Not having teamed out before is a great surprise, and it will undoubtedly be interesting to follow the club at Zweite this season. Will it be a quick visit, or do you experience club problems even in this series?

Positive to Hamburg’s part is the fact that players like Lewis Holtby and Aaron Hunt have been retained. And Hamburg also looked promising during Titz in the final rounds of last year’s season. Therefore, most of them suggest that Hamburg actually rises straight up, as far as the squad is concerned, they are probably probably the strongest team in Bundesliga 2.

Holstein Kiel acted as a newcomer during last year’s season in Bundesliga 2. The debut season ultimately resulted in a very impressive third place, but in the quake game Wolfsburg proved to be bigger. But still, what a fantastic achievement of Holstein Kiel, who took Germany by storm during last year’s season.

However, there is a clear pattern of these smaller clubs that overprote strongly. We want to highlight Braunschweig as a relevant example. The team now plays in Bundesliga 3, after finishing three in Bundesliga 2, two years before. And the reason for the exodus is the fact that the team was banned after its good season. And that resulted in the second to last in the table last year. The same thing is happening in the Holstein camp.

Hamburg should have risen larger

Last year’s coach Anfang has left Holstein Kiel for FC Köln. The team’s main goalkeeper during last year’s season Ducksch has also left, as well as Cz ichos and Drexler. There were four plays that were undeniably crucial for the team’s success during last year’s season. Therefore, we put a big question mark before Holstein Kiel ahead of the new season.

According to experts, and the gaming companies, Holstein Kiel is a big exclamation point. Many are saying that they can repeat the Eintracht Braunschweig season – and even go out of Bundesliga 2 this season. It remains to be said, but it is obviously a little worrying that as many people believe in such a scenario.

And given the strong troop Hamburg has after all, we choose their side in this match. They also play at home, and that factor always weighs heavily. Obvious.

Hamburg vs Holstein Kiel Prediction

Our game tip therefore becomes the straight one to the approved 1.75 x bet at the gaming company ! 

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