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Ufa vs Progrès Niedercorn Free Betting Tips 09/08


Ufa vs Progrès Niedercorn Betting Tips

Shape Ufa

To continue making history. Ufa are even more confident in this first leg of the Europa League qualifiers. Having managed to score their first international goal in the previous Round, Ufa showed strength in their national championship, beating Anzhi with home authority by 3 0 0 strong. The team has been unbeaten for four games, believing they can show even more this morning.
Yes, the Ufa still have a bit of difficulty to impose on the pitch. But coming from his greatest performance in the season, having perfectly matched his field goals, there is the confidence that, faced with a rival who sounds more approachable than the latter, the team will be able to perform a new great performance, the next stage. Even though it is not as bright at home, field control is still critical to you.
Coach Sergei Tomarov will maintain the base that has been steadily increasing at the start of the season.

Progrès Niedercorn

Dude, if I said I knew Progrès Niedercorn, I’d be lying, right? I had to do a lot of research to get the methodology of the team. Well, the certain thing is that the Progrès Niedercorn will be the underdog this morning, but whoever comes to treat you like a few told, you might be surprised. In the recent stretch, however, whoever insists on the favoritism of the rival, has certainly multiplied. The Progrès Niedercorn have lost in three of their last four games.
At national level, the Progrès Niedercorn even manages to have some dominance with its front line. But its main strength lies in tactical organization. As far as possible, its defensive system is organized. The team avoids going beyond what their technical quality allows. This can be interesting to play against someone who sounds superior. As a visitor, despite having lost in their last two games, their numbers are still quite strong.Coach Thomas Gilgemann will have his best base to use for this duel.

Football Prediction of the Day Ufa vs Progrès Niedercorn

So the visiting team has a defensive system that refers to a more disputed game, despite the current difference in the level of competitiveness that both are accustomed to face. Added to this, the simple offensive difficulties on the part of the Ufa in some occasions. However, coming from his best performance in the season, being able to his fans, if he does not come to hustle, the Ufa still deserves the favoritism here.

Bet Tips:  Ufa wins

Odds: 1.36

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