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Paraná vs Botafogo Free Betting Tips 12/08


Paraná vs Botafogo Betting Tips


Who can get hanged from the match is coach Rogério Micale. The situation of the club, which was already bad, worsened with the defeat at home, the previous day, for Ceará, by 1 to 0. The failure before a direct rival caused the club to fall to the last place in the table of the classification of the Brasileirão when being parked in the 13 points (three victories, four ties and ten defeats).
The situation gave rise to protests from the fans and the usual reactions of the hats. The board secured Micale’s job and promised to hire reinforcements. However, without extrapolating too much the club’s payroll, which is in the house of $ 1 million per month. The protocol speech, in practice, means that any refuse presented by businessmen will be hired and that the trainer is in the beak of the buzzard.
Experienced, Micale knows this and shows it through his attitudes. Forward Maicosuel, who has a long history of injury and was loaned by Sao Paulo, who was expected to win a few minutes in the second half, is expected to be promoted to starting this Sunday.
Against Ceará, the cautious tactic was adopted and when the athlete was activated the team was already at a disadvantage in the marker and could not reverse the situation. Now, beyond despair, Nadson’s bruise should speed up Maicosuel’s entry process.
The likely team for the match is Richard; Júnior, René Santos, Rayan and Igor; Leandro Vilela (Alex Santana), Torito González and Maicosuel; Silvinho, Rodolfo and Rafael Grampola.


In the alvinegro carioca, the rope has already been used. He captured Marcos Paquetá, who lasted five games (four losses and one win) in charge. This Sunday’s game will mark the debut of Zé Ricardo, dismissed by Vasco in the first half of the season.
The hope of the top scorers is that the coach, who began his career in professional teams at Flamengo, can repeat what he did last year with Vasco. He took the team threatened by relegation and placed the cross-maltino in the classification zone for the Copa Libertadores of America.
With 21 points (five wins, six draws and six losses), the solitary star team started the penultimate round of the first round in eleventh place. It had six points less than Palmeiras, which closes the qualifying zone forthe 2018 edition of Libertadores, and three more than Chapecoense, seventeenth and first place in the sticking region.
Improving the defensive system was the goal of Ze Ricardo’s first practice. This signaled the lineup of a reactive team for Sunday’s duel. Botafogo should close, hoping that Parana will take the chance to try the counterattacks. The squad, however, was not revealed by the new commander.
The arrival of the new coach also marked the return of players who were injured. They were released to train goalkeeper Gatito Fernandez, midfielder Marcos Vinícius and left-back Moses. Now, only three athletes are still on injury treatment. The veteran goalkeeper Jefferson, defender Igor Cassio and midfielder João Paulo are in the infirmary.

Football Prediction of the Day Paraná vs Botafogo

Although Zé Ricardo has been hired to generate better results in the short term, this possibility is small given the scarce training period. In this way, despite having clear offensive difficulties, the prognosis in the victory of Paraná seems to be the best fit for the confrontation.

Bet Tips: Paraná

Odds: 2.60

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