October 7, 2018 at 11:46 am

Real Zaragoza vs Osasuna Football Prediction Today 08/10


Real Zaragoza vs Osasuna Prediction Today

Middle. Neither more nor less, right now anyway.
During the series shooting, there has been milk from both Real Zaragoza and Osasuna, but when the series is so young, there is still the opportunity to connect with the top as well as a risk of being pulled into the relegation battle.
Zaragoza started the series well, now having a reaction and losing momentum. Before the last race, the shared pot with Albecete, two straight matches had been lost and in this three-player race, six goals were captured, two in each. Could this mean they are a favorite in danger this evening? Far from unthinkable. The straight one stands at the odds of 2.1 at its best.

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The guests, then? They are the place and the stick behind the evening’s opponent; has been involved in several frequent matches, characterized by relatively solid defensive and offensive impotence. Of the last two, there are very positive results, both matches played at home: 0-0 against Numancia and 1-0 against Sporting Gijón.Unfortunately, for the neutral spectator, we do not expect a height match at La Romareda. Exciting? Perhaps. Entertaining? Well…Some more open types of stories have Zaragoza been involved in, but against an Osasuna expected to return home deeply and whose defense game is the clearly stronger part versus the offensive, it will be difficult to completely set the match.
To put it in numbers: six of Osasuna’s seven games have contained a maximum of two goals in this year’s series game. Also, goal-wise, it became the most common thing last year, which shows that the goals in the matches are more of a rule than coincidence.

Bet Tips: Under 2.5 goals

Odds: 1.65

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