November 18, 2020 at 7:40 am



Bosnia and Italy will meet this Wednesday, at 19:45, at the Stadion Grbavica, in Sarajevo, in the match of the sixth round of the group stage of the League of Nations A.
The Balkan team occupies the last position and already takes for granted the fall to the League of Nations B, but the transalpine may still need at least one point to confirm the first position and consequent vacancy in the final-four.
This is because Roberto Mancini’s team has nine points, just one more than the Netherlands and two more than Poland.
If the Poles win the Netherlands, Italy will need only one point to secure the top spot; but if Clockwork Orange wins, then Italy will also have to beat the Bosnians.
And on the first lap there was a draw to a goal. To follow carefully.

▪️Bosnia comes from three consecutive defeats.
▪️Bosnia have lost three of their last five home games.
▪️Italy have won four of their last five away games.
▪️Italy won in Bosnia in 2019 (0-3) in qualifying for the European Championship.

Football Prediction of the Day BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA vs ITALY

Italy must win to be safe from overtaking in the last round. Bet on a visiting triumph.

Bet Tips: Italy win
Odds: 1.42

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